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Our arrival to Lofoten Islands

It was love at first sight. The summer accompanied us on our discovery of the perennial light of the sun which never sets. The effect was immediate. Our adventure began in 2002, as simple tourists.

We then decided to try winter, with its multiple possibilities. The lights of the North which distinguish this part of the Arctic, and the effect they have on us, pushed us to study, and to
inform ourselves more and more, until we finally reached a decision: our move to this corner of the world, which never stops fascinating us, came in 2005, when we began our guided tours.
Today our passion has become that of guiding our clients as they discover for themselves what we’ve already had the fortune to discover. We do what we do with passion and our goal is to give everybody the chance to feel the same excitement that we felt way back in 2002.
We therefore had the idea to create “Lofoten Lights”, in order to help our fellow travellers discover one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world!

Claudia Gasperini

Claudia, as soon as she finished her studies as interpreter & translator, she started working in the tourist industry. She began working with guests from all over the world and she very quickly understood that working in this sector is not just a job, but a passion. In 2008 she moved to Lofoten where she decided to create "Lofoten Lights", her tour guide Company. In her spare time she loves hiking with her sweet dog, Leia. She is also keen on photography and she never stops taking pictures of the amazing landscape and lights which surround her.

Maurizio Massaccesi

For Maurizio Lofoten islands were love at first sight. There are many things he is in love with, first of all the peace and atmosphere that he can breath. He likes long hikes and his job. As a guide he always has new ideas. Every single tour with him is a moment of amusement and knowledge. He is in love with the lights of this part of the world and in winter time, any moment is the right one to take great pictures of the magic Aurora Borealis. In his spare time he likes dedicating his time to his favourite sport, football, and cooking.

Laura Méndez

Laura is a biologist, with a master in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology and her passion is nature and the conservation of ecosystems and species. She loves exploring nature by hiking in any kind of weather, and show the most beautiful corners of the Lofoten Islands. She is also very communicative and loves guiding people showing them the beauty of this amazing archipelago she has decided to live.

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